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  Help MAXIMIZE the Performance that YOUR Computer Has to Offer!
  Optimize your PC with 22 Different System Optimizers to keep your computer running smoothly and to protect your privacy. It includes PC Fixer, System Backup, Secure File Deletion and Recovery, Disk Cleaner and much more! Automatic Protection is available for this product.
Cosmos System Care Your Price $29.95 (Retail Price $39.95)
  Optimize Your hard disk with Hard Disk Tune-Up!
  Hard Disk Tune-Up is a fast and easy way to help optimize your hard disk performance. Scan, identify and fix drive fragmentation in your hard disk using this easy tune-up wizard to help keep your drive running smoothly. View your customized optimization report to see how much improvement in read time was generated and be confident that your drive has recieved a rapid fragmentation scrub!
Hard Disk Tune-Up Your Price $19.95 (Retail Price $29.95)
  Increase the Memory Available to Your Windows Computer Applications
  CNET 5-Star rated MemTurbo™ 4 helps to optimize the amount of available physical memory you already have and helps reclaim lost memory resources, putting them to better use.
MemTurbo 4 Your Price $19.95 (Retail Price $29.95)
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Online Backup & Extended Download Your Price $6.95 (Monthly fee)
Online Backup & Extended Download is an unlimited data backup plan that enables you to re-download your purchase later and back up other files on your computer as long as you maintain an active subscription. This is a monthly service and the recurring monthly fee is non-refundable.
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